The Twins

The Twins Duet

You still get all of the excitement and versatility of Cabomax show except in a duo format, this is NOT your average duo!! The sound of a full band is supplied through modern technology and the entertainment value is unmatched. The Twins is the perfect answer to your entertainment needs.

Both musicians have travelled around USA and into the Caribbean, performing for audiences. Their experience, personality, and talents keep them in demand for all manner of events, both large and small. 

Omar and Hermes have been performing together for more than 24 years. The Twins combines serious musicianship with an infectious dose of energy and spirit to create a memorable experience every time they take the stage. Both musicians have performed extensively in a variety of venues including International festivals, Hotels, fundraise, weddings and corporate events.

The Twins Duet coctail reception at One&Only Atlantis Nassau Bahamas

The Twins Duet at Cabo Del Sol